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 Driverslib needs to take some personal information to personalize the website and to make it simpler for all users. In addition, collection of information (e.g. name, the email address, etc.) serves Driverslib to adapt our announcements to your preferences. Driverslib respects and guarantees privacy of personal information collected from its users on the website.
 Provisions of this policy are valuable for all types of information received from Driverslib users. We can add further information for special services (if they take place). This privacy policy informs you of the type of personal data, which we can collect about you, way such information can be used and protected against the one, who has the access to it. Information that we are collecting: Driverslib can collect information from its users in three different ways: right from the user, sources of traffic and cookies.
 Information received directly from the user: When you subscribe to services being provided by Driverslib, we can ask you for your name, email and different kinds of personal data. For example, when you write a message at the forum, or write a message to us, you must enter the username and email address.
 Information from sources of traffic: when you visit the website, you open certain kind of information about you, for example, your IP address, time and place of visit. Driverslib, as well as any other operator, stores such information.
 Information received from cookies: to offer you individual service, Driverslib can use cookies in order to facilitate the storage and tracking of preferences. For example, we can use cookies to make sure that you do not see one and the same advertisement several times or deliver the content in accordance with your interests; the content is distributing for the content to the third persons.
 Cookies are represented in the form of "TXT" files by the browser and the Web-server, and then can be stored on the hard disk of your computer. The majority of browsers are set to take cookies. But, if there is a wish, you can configure the browser to know when you get cookies or turn off them at all. However, you must know that some parts of Driverslib website can usually be seen, only if your browser allows to receive cookiesi.
 Driverslib allows other companies, which are in other servers, to show advertisements on the website of Driverslib. These foreign servers use technologies to send directly to the browser different advertisements and links that appear on the Driverslib website. They automatically receive your IP when it happens. They can also use other technologies (for example, cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons) to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and personalize the advertising content, which you see.
 Driverslib does not provide the protection of personal information that takes place in foreign servers of advertisements or advertising networks without your agreement, except the function, with the help of which you will be able to have the possibility for opt-in or opt-out. However, pay your attention, if the advertiser requests Driverslib to show the advertisement for a certain audience (for example, 18-34 year old males) or a segment of audience (for example, 18-24 year old males, viewed certain channels of content) and you reacted to such advertisement, the advertiser or advertising server may come to the conclusion that you meet the description of audience, which they are trying to reach. The advertiser can also use the information about your use of Driverslib (how often you've checked the advertisement, personal information) to determine the announcements, which should be represented to you.
 You must admit, when you release the information about yourself being in public places on the website, such as the forum (comments), all the information becomes a part of public domain. Moreover. it can be easily tracked and used by unknown persons. Although Driverslib does everything possible to protect your personal data, we can not completely provide the full protection of your personal data. You must be careful, while taking the decision, to disclose personal information or not. You must also know that you are the only person, who is responsible for keeping in secret your passwords, logins, etc.
How and when we use the information:
 Driverslib uses the information received from you for several purposes, depending on the type of collected data: - Information received directly from the user: this information is only used to personalize services, which we offer you, and identity your personality; - Information from sources of traffic: this information type helps us to define the parts of our website which caused you the greatest interest. Driverslib also collects IP addresses of users to safely control our computer system; - Information received from cookies: Driverslib uses cookies to help you to use our services, as well as to collect the static information to improve the quality of services. Cooks allow to save your passwords and your preferences, allowing you not to enter again such data during the next visit.
The way we protect the information received from you:
 We have the great interest in confidentiality. Driverslib does not provide third persons with your personal data without your advance agreement. Any statistics, which we can share with our partners or advertising networks, do not include the personal information about the particular user.
 Your access to certain services on the website is protected by the password. We advice you not to tell this password to anyone. Driverslib will never ask you to tell the password for your accounts through any kind of messages or unwanted telephone calls. We urgently recommend you not to share your passwords with anyone, who can ask you for it. Also, if it is possible, you should push the "log out" button in the end of any working session under your account. We also advice you to close the browser window, when you log out from the Driverslib website.
 This advice is intended to limit the access of unknown persons to your personal information or mail, especially, when you work in the computer network in any public place (for example, in cafe).
 Unfortunately, no data transfer in the Internet can be 100% safe. As the consequence, despite our efforts to protect your personal data, Driverslib can not guarantee the protection of your information. All these actions with the information transfer may take place at your own risk.
 However, we can assure you that we do everything possible and impossible in order to protect all our systems in accordance with the safety standards. On this website, we've taken precaution measures to provide the protection against the loss, improper use and change of information being under our control. Our servers have the highest protection to prevent the chance to receive the personal information of our users by third persons. Our staff every day checks the protection of access to the server, willing to provide the protection of your personal data.
Unwanted messages:
 Driverslib will not use your email address to send you any kind of unwanted or advertising mailout without your agreement. You can always withdraw from our services for mailout.
Who has the access to information collected from you:
 As the rule, Driverslib will never release the information about any of users without their advance agreement. On the other hand, Driverslib can present such data, when it is permitted by the law or when such measure is important to protect the rights and interests of Driverslib.
 When you get access to the Driverslib website and you are asked to present the information about yourself, only staff of Driverslib will have the access. Also you admit that our website contains links to partner websites. Driverslib does not bear any responsibility for the privacy policy or content of such websites.
 We can use different external advertisements of companies to show them on our website. Such advertisements can contain cookies. But we do not have any access to this information.
How we can correct mistakes in the data:
 If you registered on our website, we send you the confirmation on email, where we provide the detailed information about newly created account. The message will be sent to the email address that you specified.
Notification on changes:
 If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will publish these changes on our website. In this way, our users will always know everything about the information that we collect, how we use it and in what circumstances, if exist, we can release it. If at any time we decided to use personal information in purposes, being differed from the mentioned, we will notify our users by the email. We will use all the information in accordance with the privacy policy.
 If you think that a company does not comply with the privacy policy, you must contact us.
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